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Learn how to paint in watercolor with help of master watercolor artist Birgit O'Connor, all from the comfort of your home.  Join a global community and meet other students if you like, continue be inspired, motivated to paint, come and join the fun. 

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Change what you see / Dogwood


Paint on your own / non-interactive

Allowing yourself to be a bit looser with your brushstroke, playing with your water-to-color blending can make some of those so called mistakes look intentional and allow the viewer to use their imagination....

Let's Paint Boats


Dec 2 - Jan 13

6-week interactive 

One of my most favorite subjects is to paint boats, especially ones with a lot of texture, seaweed and rope. This course is just a little different than many of my others, meaning here you get all the goodies, with my entire thought process and problem solving....

Fearless Flowers 1


Dec 2-Jan 13

6-week interactive 

Have you struggled with your painting and want to feel more confidant?

This course works on developing your skills and approach to confidently create bold paintings.

Wet Sand Reflections


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Self pace courses


If you like to paint on your own, and go at your own pace, choose from a variety of different course options.


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Barns & Ranches 

Watercolor for Kids 

Interactive courses


Focused courses

6-8 week interactive sessions 

Paint with the help of master watercolor artist Birgit O'Connor

Paint anytime day or night courses includes pre-recored lessons, lifetime access, go at your own pace, live meeting option, ask questions, painting reviews, problem solving, live demonstrations and more...

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  • Membership opens 
  • Atmospheric Landscapes


  • Fearless Flowers 2 (Masterclass)
  • Rocks, Sand & Sea Glass

What Students Say

"You are my all time favorite artist I still have a copy of the watercolor magic magazine and Australian Artist Magazine when you were the featured artist". H. Merchant AUSTRALIA

"You pour your heart/soul into your courses; and a tremendous amount of your time/energy that you give to each of us, your students. Your courses reflect your passion for the art & teaching." Georgia  Young

"Your comment gave me my first aha moment of learning watercolors. I absolutely loved it " Sandra Hurley

"IT IS INCREDIBLE to be able to get advice from an accomplished artist. I shall persevere!" Pat

"These incredible online workshops...are magical! Thanks so much for your teaching" :) Debra Laurie

"Thanks so much for your generosity I am a high school art teacher and ave been painting for years your classes are incredibly well developed and clear." Heather Ayris

As a school district administrator I have been in thousands of classrooms over the past 30 years. I want to complement you on your teaching style, your access though technology, and of course your art work. I would highly recommend you to anyone be they a beginner or advanced watercolorist." Linda Denton

"It has been a GREAT JOURNEY I'm Sitting here looking at the originals side by side, I am amazed that I painted either one of them! Have never painted anything like this in either style before! Have learned SO MUCH in your classes!" Agnes Franzak

"I can't believe how much I am learning, and am so amazed at how much you have packed into this class. The class has exceeded my expectations Thank you for all your input this has been amazing!" Lisa Oliver

"I can't tell you how much I enjoy your courses, Birgit, you are a very generous and skilled teacher". LInda Read

"Thank you, Birgit. YOU make learning fun, accessible, a DREAM come true! Your fine instruction makes it possible", Frances Gill-Turano

"Thank you so much. I LOVE this course!" Lynn

"Your courses are amazing!" Cheryl F. Canada

 "You've made this an amazing journey. I never dreamed an online class could be so helpful." Lisa Oliver

"This has opened up a whole new world for me, yesterday's session drove home the point of how to turn a pleasant photo into a dramatic subject that truly tells a story. If I learn nothing else in the class (but I will 🤗), that lesson alone was worth the price of admission! A tangible AHA moment for me. Thanks for the joy" Sue Warnock

"Your courses are 100 percent effective". Thanks, Fay

" These are best online course I have ever taken. This particular format with your personal reviews and critiques and the combination of website and class meetings are  fantastic "Debra Prat

"I have learned so much, Your techniques have given me confidence to paint more boldly and that is very freeing." Barbara Rogers

"I was so surprised I was able to paint it without a drawing. It’s so different -Love this style of painting. As you said it’s gives use more chance to be creative." Margaret Murphy

"Wow" You really don't hold back, you give so much information and many new techniques thank you for sharing your knowledge and giving so much of yourself and time to help people improve their skills". Thanks again, Trish

"I have struggled with that for years and FINALLY, thanks to you, feel that I have a better grasp of the techniques. Your the only instructor to explain it throughly. This has been a FANTASTIC course - thanks so much for offering it! I really like the online courses (this is my second) & will definitely be taking more! Thanks again, Karen Schmidt

"Birgit! You are amazing master of painting enriching our minds, hearts and imagination with your art. Thank you," Zlatica Stauder

"Its as good, or possibly even better than being in a class with you. Feel like I'm on the right track with the right tutor to help me. Kind regards from Jude. :-)

"Finally, thanks to you, something has switched on in my artist brain and I am finally beginning to “get it.” For over 10 years I have been struggling with trying to “loosen up” and not paint every detail. You have no idea how excited I am. Thank you so much!!!!! Annie Glacken


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